SPS Property Marketing Features

Most Realtors are non-technical and so, since 2004 we have worked hard to keep SPS very easy to use.

  • Explanations, help and tutorials on every page
  • Import listing data, or setup manually
  • Hosting is included
  • Change anything at any time!
  • 'Set and forget' with MLS auto-import and daily synchronization
  • Automatic generation of complete property websites

Features for Winning Listings

The unique SPS Free-View™ listing system is a free service to help you impress sellers and win listings.

Single Property Websites® Presentation Features

Fast and simple, automated generation of a comprehensive, multi-page property website and more.

Marketing and Promotion Features

Give all your listings maximum exposure to Buyers with minimum effort.

Lead Generation Features

Desktop, curbside, mobile and offline - lead capture features are all built-in.

Advanced Account Features

SPS advanced features keep step as you grow your business.

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    White label solution features

    • Apply your own brand and domain name to the dashboard system used by your Users
    • Apply your own branding, domain name and service credits on property sites
    • Brand your email messages to users
    • Offsite Registration and login forms
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    Multi-user property marketing system

    • Multiple Agents / Users can all have their own private login
    • Hierarchical access for easy access and control
    • Control of User permissions and access
    • Options to have Users pay for each site (Token purchase system)
    • Multi-branch support
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    Enterprise Support

    • Import and synchronization API for Agent data, Office data and Property data
    • Integrate to your own back office applications with our Single-Sign-On API
    • Feed leads directly to your own CRM system with our lead API
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    Banner Ads

    • Use our library of banner ads or upload your own
    • Create multiple banner-ad campaigns
    • Programmable links

Lenders, Loan Officers and Title Features

Specific features supporting your Mortgage Marketing or Title Marketing needs.

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