Listing Domain Names, URLs and QR Codes

Always the fastest way for Buyers to find out more about your property.

When you publish your Single Property Sites, SPS will prompt you to automatically assign a unique street-address URL link. The suggested URL link will matches the street address (e.g.
You'll be given the chance to choose the suggested URL or change it.

Additionally, you may optionally choose to register a unique domain name, or assign a domain name you already own.

If you choose to register a unique domain name, these will be registered, in your name, for 12 months.

Whichever method you choose, domain name links like this provide a fast, simple and obvious way to market your listing - and sellers love that fact that their home has its own website and it's own unique web address!

You may assign any domain name you like to your listing - as long as its not already in use.

Whilst a domain name is not mandatory, if it is the same as the Street Address of the property it does provide buyers with the fastest and most memorable way to find your property online. For example, a property address of "1122 Main Street" would suggest a domain name like "".

The URL / domain name can then be used in all your real estate marketing materials. The domain name can be printed on your sign riders and in your PDF flyers.

Have your own domain name already purchased? No problem! It's easy to connect to your new Single Property Site - we show you how.

Domain Name Features

  • Domain name is optional.
  • Register via SPS @ $12.99 for 12 months, or use your own (we'll tell you how!)
  • Your Domain name control panel give you complete control: transfers and renewals.
domain name

Your domain name is used in all your real estate marketing materials - sign riders, text message flyers and PDF flyers, too!

QR Codes for Fast Access to Property Information

QR Codes for real estate marketing provide consumers with an even faster and easier way to get access to property information.

QR (Quick Response) codes are automatically generated and are designed to take the consumer directly to your single property website.

You can see the QR Code and download it for your own use, or, if you order a sign rider, you may choose to have the QR Code shown on the sign rider too!

Consumers will need a smart phone with a special app to read the QR code. These apps are typically available on all smart phones.

QR codes for Real Estate Marketing is made easy with Single Property Sites.

Programmable QR Codes

QR Codes can be programmed to perform multiple actions. The processing of these action is performed by the QR Code reader app on the Buyer's smartphone.
Supported actions are:

  • Link consumer to a URL - i.e. a fast way to open the property website
  • Or, help the consumer to send SMS text message

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