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SPS, or Single Property Sites was established in 2004. SPS is proud to offer highly innovative and very high value real estate marketing solutions to the Real Estate community.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our services - we love to get feedback and we are continually improving and enhancing our service based on client feedback.

Single Property Sites is an independent business. We have no investors other than the founders and our business growth is based on the revenues we earn.

Our services are provided on a month to month basis. We believe that keeping clients happy and thrilled with our service is the best route to sustainable success.

Single Property Sites - SPS Property Marketing

What is SPS™ Real Estate Marketing?

SinglePropertySites.com is an easy to use, self-service, marketing system for automatically marketing individual real estate listings by creating a unique website for each one of your listings. This allows Real Estate agents to show home sellers that they are putting the sellers home "front and center" in their marketing campaign by creating a website dedicated to the sellers property.

SPS is a listing marketing tool - helping listing agents win more listings by differentiating themselves.

With SPS Property Marketing, an Agent can create a virtual "open house tour" of every home by creating a web site for the home that includes not only text, but pictures, documents and links.

Having won the listing, the SPS Real Estate Marketing system then automates much of the process of marketing and promoting the listing to potential Buyers.

Home Buyers Want to Research Homes Online

The home buying consumer wants to use the Internet for as much of the buying experience as possible. With SPS Property Marketing, the home buyer can quickly locate the property details on the web using the easy to remember web address which is the same as the property street address! They can then perform most of the home and neighborhood search, saving time and money for both the home buyer and real estate agent.

The home seller views the Agent as one who is willing to make the effort to provide more value for services rendered. The Agent wins by receiving only highly qualified referrals for his or her efforts.

Agents Save Time With Single Property Sites

  1. A Single Property Site for an existing listing can be quickly setup by importing the listing data using the MLS#
  2. Agents can save Buyer's time by having them review the Single Property Site instead of taking the time to actually visit the home. If the buyer is still interested, he/she is now a more qualified buyer that has a better chance of purchasing the home, since he/she has already virtually visited the home.

No Special Software or Programming Knowledge is Required!

SPS is a web-browser based service. Open your browser and sign in to your SPS account to start using the service.

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