Win Listings and Market Them More Easily

Use SPS to win more listings and automate property marketing.

Property Marketing for Agents

Marketing Real Estate with SPS has never been so simple! The SPS Real Estate Marketing system helps you dominate your listing market, and takes the time, hard work - and a lot of cost - out of marketing listings.

Start now for free and see for yourself!

Benefits to Agents

  • Dominate your Listing Market
  • Never Lose a Listing - always use SPS Free-View to help you win listings!
  • Make sure Buyers see your Listings first
  • Capture more leads
  • Great referral tool
  • Sell listings faster
  • Build relationships with FSBOs
  • Affordable, reusable service keeps costs low

Benefits to Sellers

  • Impressive, professional spotlight on their home
  • Maximum exposure to drive-by traffic in the neighborhood
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week advertising and virtual "Open House"
  • 100% exclusive focus on their property
  • Massive Exposure of listing across the Internet

Benefits to Buyers

  • Fastest way to find property details online
  • A rich, comprehensive resource for research
  • Easiest way to research homes for sale
  • Gives immediate access to the fullest amount of information
  • Allow buyers to make informed decisions

Never Lose a Listing™

Impress Sellers Before You Even Meet Them.
Put the Sellers home 'Front-and-Center' in your Marketing Plan:
Show Sellers you are Different!

  • Convert Leads to Listings - for FREE!
  • Create a Showcase website for your sellers home
  • Impress Sellers with a Free-View™ before you even present to them
  • Excite Sellers with their own website and domain name
  • Statistics Reports keep your Sellers Informed

Sell Listings Faster!

Make Sure Buyers see YOUR Listings First. Give Listings maximum exposure to buyers with minimum effort.

  • Save time and effort with automated marketing
  • Capture leads from web, mobile, print and curb-side
  • Street-Address Domain name and Sign-Rider gets everyone talking - great for referrals!
  • Fastest and Easiest way for buyers to research property

Supports all property types

What Makes Single Property Websites Unique for Listing Agents?

Sellers want their homes Advertised on the Internet

Be the web savvy REALTOR®. Show Sellers how you are different by promoting their home using a very professional looking and elegant single property website - a web site dedicated to their property.

The SPS Free-View™ Service is always free to help you win listings.

Enhance Your Image

By using gorgeous and rich content listing tools, with unlimited HD photos in your Single Property Websites, your personal image and brand will receive a major boost. Be seen as the agent with the leading edge in the local area.

Look Like you spent $100s on your sellers web site!

A custom designed web site can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Single Property Sites gives you the ability to create your own listing web site in matter of minutes

You WILL create a beautiful looking site - guaranteed!

Win More Listings

Your ability to immediately promote the Seller's home on the Internet gives you an edge over other agents.

Make sure Buyers see YOUR Listings First

As soon as you publish your listing website and utilize SPS Automated Marketing, the Sellers Single Property Site is immediately available to anyone in the world who has an Internet connection.

No Middle Man

You load your home pictures and information directly into your account on There is no need to supply the data to a service organization who then inputs the information. This ensures that the Listing Website created is exactly as you intended. The fewer intermediaries involved in creating your online presentations, the less chance for errors.

No Waiting - Instant changes

The entire world has the potential to see your new listing presentation immediately. Listing web sites created at, are immediately available on the web for potential home buyers to see. Changes that you make to a Single Property Site are immediately available to the whole world. If you want to add or replace pictures or simply fix a misspelled word, you can do so at any time from your own computer via the internet.

Your Real Estate Referral Tool

Inquisitive Neighbors will be the first to see your Single Property Site!

We all know where the first batch of listing brochures goes - they get collected by neighbors wanting to know all about the home being sold in their neighborhood!

They will see the fabulous job you have done for this property and they are sure to want a similar level of high value add service when it comes to listing their home! With your name and contact details as part of the web site, everyone in the neighborhood now becomes a potential client.

Time Saving Technology

Automated Import and Marketing

Put your property marketing on "autopilot" -


Even before you spend a penny on your new Single Property Site, it can be a highly effective part of your marketing toolkit. Of course if you are at a Listing Presentation then you can always log in to your account and show the client the site.

But with Free-View, you can send them a special password protected link so that they can preview their home's web site BEFORE your listing presentation... imagine how credible and impressive this will make you when you do show up for the listing presentation!


No more long delays when trying to upload images! Simply select all the images you want and our system will pre-process them and upload them in a few seconds no matter how big they are! Using Fast-Foto you can take large images straight from your digital camera and upload them to your site without the need to mess about resizing them first.

High Value to Agents

SPS is always Free to help you win listings. Then, one low monthly fee allows you to promote all your listings. With SPS Property Marketing you are not charged high fees per listing. You are charged one low monthly fee depending on how many listings you have. The amount of content, pictures, surrounds, you add to each home presentation is fairly unrestricted.

For brokerage firms, we offer white-label, private branding of our technology, allowing your firm to harness the power of the Single Property Sites for all your Agents at a low cost. For more information about private branding, contact us at 1.877.333.2921.

No Special Application or Programming Required

All you need is a web browser to create your property presentations. Nothing else is needed!

Plus - it's easy to learn. You do not need to be a software developer or web programmer to create your Single Property Sites.

Create Tours for your Home Buyers

Help your customers narrow down their choices prior to spending a day driving from neighborhood to neighborhood inspecting homes. Let your customers view a list of Single Property Sites - narrowing down their choices to only those properties they want to see in person.

It's easy to do with - just email your customers a link to the Property Website you think they could be interested in.

Listings Marketing

SPS offers you a complete marketing program. Once you have created your site, you can then use the data to automatically market the listings: video, html flyers, craigslist flyers, widgets for your own blogs and websites, pdf flyers, FSBO marketing, Virtual Tours and unbranded virtual tour links and more.


SPS is a reusable marketing tool. It does not matter how many listings you win and sell in a month - as long as you stay within your subscription level. So if you subscribe to a level 3 at $19 per month, you can have up to 3 listing websites LIVE at anytime during the month.

If you sell a listing, then SOLD site stay live for free!

You may start, stop upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

If you subscribe to a level 10, then you can share one account between agents in a team !

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