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SPS is a Property Marketing Solution for Real Estate Professionals

How It Works

  • Import and setup listings automatically
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • SPS helps you win every listing
  • Automated marketing of your listings

Summary of Features

  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Unlimited HD Images
  • Virtual Tour

Are You Looking For A Specific Solution?

mortgage marketing

Lender / Loan Officers

Co-marketing helps build relationships with Agents and market direct to the Buyer market. One account supports unlimited LOs & Agents.

title marketing offices

Title Company / Title Reps

Co-marketing helps you build relationships with referral partners. Supports unlimited Title Reps, Agents & LOs.

brokerage offices

Broker Office Solution

Help all Agents in your office to win listings and sell them faster. Your branded in-house Office Solution and portal supports all your Agents.

reseller white label

White Label Services

Make SPS part of your business offerings and increase revenues by providing value-add marketing services to Agents, Lenders, FSBOs or others.

It's FREE to use Single Property Sites® for Listing Presentations! With SPS Free-View™, you'll impress sellers before you even meet them.

Excite sellers - by telling them you can launch the automated marketing of their home at the press of a button, and get their home's details in front of thousands of interested buyers that same day. What seller could possibly refuse? Professional showcase features are all included to help you win listings and close more deals. You will never lose a listing!

SPS Real Estate Marketing helps you use your listings to get more leads!

Automated marketing occurs as soon as your Single Property Websites® are published. And with a street-address domain name, such as on a sign rider outside their house, sellers love it! From curbside, to internet, to mobile - give your listings maximum exposure and get more leads.

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