Offer Your Own Property Marketing Services

Grow your photography, or other marketing services business working with Agents, FSBOs and more

SPS White Label Services Solution

Photographers or other Marketing Services - include your own-branded property marketing service to Agents, Lenders - and anyone wishing to market a property - as part of your own business.

Our white-label Value Added Reseller (VAR) program is designed for marketers from practically any field; Photographers, Virtual Assistants or general marketing companies, who want to increase revenues by providing more services to Realtors and real estate agents, Brokers or FSBOs.

Being an SPS VAR account allows you to include property marketing services as part of your broader services package for each client you serve.

SPS VAR solution

Increase your customer base and expand your solution offerings — all while receiving support directly from SPS.

Benefits For Marketing Service Companies

  • White-Label account allows you to offer more value to your clients
  • White label solution supports your branding
  • You maintain exclusive access to your SPS account
  • Provide a "done-for-you" service, or offer "self-service"
  • Single-sign-on API allows for integration to your own software solutions
  • Increase your customer base and expand your solution offerings
  • Starts at $49 per month to market any 10 properties
  • Support any number of Agents or FSBOs or others
  • Create any number of sites for free to help Real Estate professionals win listings
  • Supports YOUR brand and business
  • Control who can log in
  • Set your own pricing
  • A perfect compliment to your business for Marketing or Virtual Assistants, Photographers and more!

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PRICING: Your clients pay you. You pay us. The fees are the same as for any account. See pricing.

The VAR Account gives YOU a white label Single Property Sites account, which is used by you, to support multiple clients with property marketing services.
Your clients only see the name of your Private Label (VAR) service, SPS branding and name is hidden - so on all property presentations / websites, the name of your private label is shown, not SPS.

Your clients will NOT have Single Property Sites accounts - they only work with you - in YOUR account. You are therefore able to offer your own added value services on top of the basic Single Property Sites service and set your own pricing for the services you offer.

If you wish, you may optionally give your clients private Login access to your service, where they will be able to access and edit data on their listings.
When you clients login, they do so via an unbranded portal, and the service they see is branded with your logo!

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