Reseller FAQs and How It Works

The SPS Reseller Solution allows you to set up your own branded service to your clients using SPS. This includes setting up your own branding, service credits, domain names and more.

You pay SPS for the monthly membership levels you need, which will depend on the number of property sites being marketed (not on the number of clients you have)

You will charge your clients independently for their use of the service.

You may choose to let your clients access the service ("self-service"), or not ("done-for-you")- in which case you would use the SPS system on their behalf for marketing properties.

Pricing for Value Added Resellers

There are NO setup or extra fees to become an SPS Reseller!

The cost of the SPS service to a Reseller is exactly the same as it is for any individual client. The difference of course, is that you pay SPS for the SPS Service, and you then charge your clients for your services.

The only requirement for a VAR account is that once you've tested SPS for free and you want to set up a subscription, the starting point for Reseller accounts is a level 10 @ $49 per month.

How Pricing Works

You may always create as many sites as you like and work with unlimited clients (e.g. FSBOs and Realtors).

With your paid Membership, you have the ability to TURN ON any number of sites up to the maximum level you have subscribed to. When sites get turned OFF (sold, rented, off-market etc.), then you may TURN ON another in its place immediately!

Your subscription gives you a totally re-usable service to TURN ON and market any number of listing websites up to the maximum level you have subscribed to (which you may change at any time)
For example, a level 10 @ $49 per month allows you to TURN ON 10 sites. If 3 properties sell in 3 weeks, you can then make another 3 sites LIVE with no additional fees.

What's really great is that SOLD or RENTED property sites stay live for free!

Volume Price Breaks

As you increase your business, you will want to subscribe to our services at a higher level.
For example, at a level 10 @ $49 per month, the equivalent cost is just $4.90 per listing per month. If you increase to a level 50 @ $85 per month, the equivalent cost is now only 2.12 per listing per month!

You may upgrade, or downgrade at anytime. There is no long-term commitment.

You pay SPS for your SPS Reseller account at whatever membership level you need. There are no contracts and you may increase or decrease your membership at any time

You have two choices for billing your clients

  1. You can arrange your own billing.
    This works well if you are offering SPS as an added value service to your existing services, either as "self-service" or a "done-for-you" approach.
  2. Sell "Activation Tokens"
    You can optionally choose to sell site Activation Tokens inside the SPS system to your clients. This mechanism requires a user (your customer) to have a Token in order to Publish and market a Property Website. Your customers will purchase these Tokens from you and pay you directly via the SPS system using your PayPal account.
    You will set up prices for Activation Tokens in your SPS account and also set up your PayPal credentials too. The SPS system then takes care of everything else!

There are two methods to help you keep control.

  • Setting a Cap on the number of activations.
    When you set up a new client to have access to your service you can put a limit on the number of sites they can turn on by capping the number of activations available.
    For example, if you set this to 5, then the customer will not be able to publish and market more than 5 property websites at any time
  • Site Activation Tokens.
    If you use Tokens then your customers will not be able to turn on any websites until they buy a Token.

Published Property Websites and Flyers: On all Single Property Websites and everywhere that service-credits are shown, your business name will be shown as the service provide, not ours.

Back-end Admin System. If you have clients accessing the management system ("self-service") then there is a Service branding system that helps you cerate a branded environment. This includes:

  1. Set up your own logo and stylized header
  2. Use your own domain name for the management area
  3. Use your own domain name for property address sub domains

Instead of your customers going to, and using, your white label system will automatically use for the service. This is a neutral domain name with none of our branding.

Alternatively, its easy to set up your own domain name for your service such as, or even

All these options are easy to set up in the Service Branding system.

You can control your customers access to some aspects of the SPS system. Once you have set up a customer, you can then modify their Permissions as follows:

  1. Purchase domain names or Sign Riders. If you set this to NO then they will not see these options. Otherwise they will be able to purchase these items. Purchases will be through the SPS checkout process.
  2. Promotion and marketing: if you intend to offer your promotion services as a value-add, then you can hide these options from your clients

If you intend on providing a "done-for-you" service then your clients will not be accessing the admin area.

However, if you are allowing some level of "self-service" - then there are several ways you can engage your clients:

  • Send your clients to
  • Use your own domain name
  • Embed a sign up (self registration form ) on your OWN website
  • Embed a login form on your OWN website.

Here is an example of the mini login panel

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