SPS Marketing and Pricing Plans

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Use SPS for free to help you win every listing. Create your account, then setup your sellers listing as a single property site. Present this to your prospective clients with the Free-View™ - all for free. Quick movies and guides show you how to do it!

Pro Services

Once you win the listing, you'll want to publish, or "Turn ON" a property site to market your listing! This is when you will need a Pro account. The monthly subscription fee determines the total number of Listings you may market (publish) at any time.


These are just a selection of pricing levels - scroll down to see all levels.



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Enhanced Lead Capture only $1 extra per month

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More Listings

Enhanced Lead Capture only $3 extra per month

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Unlimited Agents
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Enhanced Lead Capture included

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Team / Office

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Enhanced Lead Capture included

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SPS Services are charged monthly, only as you need them!

There are no contracts. You have complete control. You can upgrade, downgrade, or go back to the Free plan at anytime.

There are no setup fees. SPS allows you to publish ANY number listings in the month. Your Membership subscription level determines the maximum number of sites than can be ON at any time. If you sell or lose listings, turn them OFF - and then turn ON another in its place!

With SPS Membership you have a totally re-usable service allowing you to turn ON and market any number of listing websites up to the maximum level you have subscribed to.

Enterprise Solution is available starting at $250 per month for 500 active listings. This includes support for Single Sign-on APIs and Lead Export APIs.

API support for property and agent data daily import and synchronization is included at this level, extra fees apply.

Daily Property Feed Automated Import will process your XML property feed: $95 per month extra per feed.

With your paid Membership, you have the ability to TURN ON any number of sites up to your membership level. When sites get turned OFF (sold, rented, off-market etc.), then you may TURN ON another in its place immediately!

Sold/Rented etc. Listings stay 'LIVE' for free.

Upgrading? You will only be charged a pro-rated fee!

Get Started for Free!

SPS™ is a subscription service with no contracts. You can cancel at any time online, 24 hours a day. There are no cancellation fees.


We guarantee you will love our service. If you are not happy with any aspect of our service we will refund you for the full amount of the membership services used or the cost of sign riders.

All Pro Levels

Level Price Per Month Equivalent Cost / Listing
1 Active Listing $12.00 $12.00
2 Active Listings $14.00 $7.00
3 Active Listings $19.00 $6.33
4 Active Listings $24.00 $6.00
5 Active Listings $29.00 $5.80
7 Active Listings $38.00 $5.43
10 Active Listings (multi-user) $49.00 $4.90
15 Active Listings $63.00 $4.20
20 Active Listings $73.00 $3.65
30 Active Listings $80.00 $2.67
Any 100 Listings $97.00 $0.97
200 Active Listings $150.00 $0.75
250 Active Listings $160.00 $0.64
500 Active Listings (Enterprise Level) $250.00 $0.50
1000's of listings? as low as.. $0.20
Your SPS account can support any number of listings. Contact Us if you have special pricing requirements.

Optional Services

Custom Domain Name $13.90 for 1 years registration
( .com @ $13.90; other TLD available too)
Note: Every Site will be given a FREE property address URL such as: http://1122MainStreet.2Seeit.com You can even use your own main domain name!
Sign Riders $26.50 each + $9.00 postage for up to 3 riders
Enhanced Lead Capture Services includes: Unlimited 1-800 call-capture, Recorded Info By Phone, unlimited SMS TEXT lead capture and call-capture on every listing. FREE for levels 15 and higher
For Level 1 to 10: $1 per listing per month extra (optional)

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