How it Works!

Business models, APIs and Integrations

There are essentially two approaches for using SPS to provide service to your clients:

#1 - Done For You

With this approach you perform all services. In other words, only you have system access, you don't permit your clients to have any access to your account.

  • BENEFITS: You will have complete control and your clients perceive your all of SPS as your personal services.
#2 - Self Service

In a "self-service" approach, you will be allowing your clients to access the service and do many things themselves.
Of course you can still collaborate with clients, and you can maintain control using the various Permissions for users.

  • BENEFITS: You can allow your clients to do a lot of the work themselves especially minor edits and adjustments.

Working with Multiple Client Types

Regardless of which of thr two methods above you choose as your business model, you can also support different types of clients with different property marketing scenarios:

Working with Single Agents

Create a User profile for each agent

Working with Co-listing Agents

Create a User Profile for the co-listing agent. As Admin you can always assign any profile as co-listing agent. To allow them to do this themselves, set Permissions to allow  shared access

Adding Sponsors

Create a profile for sponsors such as a Loan officer or anyone

Adding Banners Ads

Create as many of these as you like and you can use these to support a client or a sponsor, or yourself.

Working with Lenders or Title Reps

When you specifically support a Lender who wants to then be "working with" other agents (rather than you working directly with those agents) then your account supports a hierarchical approach that allows agents to be added to be "working with" a designated sponsor. This creates a strong relationship in the system between the sponsor and the Agents working with that Sponsor such that the Agent sees the Sponsor prominently displayed as their "marketing partner".

Directly working with FSBOs as your clients

Add a User Profile for any FSBO and have them representing the listing

Agents want to be working with FSBOs

Setup the listing so that the Agent is the Listing Agent – then use FSBO options in EDIT+ PROMOTE to specify a FSBO.

Sign On API and Integrations

The Single-Sign-On API allows you to maintain your clients access via your own systems.
Whenever your clients Sign In, to your own application, use the SSO API to create a single sign on link for them to directly access their SPS account.

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