Sign Riders for Real Estate

Buyers get convenient access to property details - you get leads

Once you have built your Property Site, SPS makes it easy for you to get a Real Estate Sign Rider to help you capture leads from drive-by buyers and to help generate referrals in the neighborhood.

According to NAR, a lot of home buyers STILL find their home from a drive-by and seeing the sign!

A Real Estate Sign-Rider with a Street Address domain name (URL) on it, provides the fastest way for Buyers to find your property details on line.

There really isn't any easier way to remember and faster way to connect home buyers with property information than with a Single Property Site where the sign-rider displaying the domain name (web address / URL) which IS the property address.

get a mobile marketing reak estate sign rider

How easy it is for buyers to remember the web address - its the same as the street address of course!

  • How many clicks and searches will it take the average buyer to find your property on
  • How many clicks and failed attempts will it take them to find your property on your web site?

Use a Sign Rider as part of your Real Estate Marketing with SPS to capture curbside buyers and mobile users

Call to Action

For buyers, the sign rider makes it fast and easy to get more information about the property; for Agents, these methods help capture leads, and are part of each sign rider design. These include:

  • Domain name, providing fast access to the mobile property website
  • QR Code, to take a consumer directly to the mobile property website
  • Call 1-800 for information and this captures the callers number as lead
  • Send TEXT message to request instant property data, and this capture the callers number
  • QR Code can also drive the SMS text option

NOTE: Message and Data Rates May Apply. See Terms

QR Code for Real Estate

Market your property with a QR Code. Standard feature of all signs.

QR Code for Real Estate Marketing

Many layouts and colors available

Sign rider sample layouts and colors

NOTE: Sign Riders for SMS Text will include links to our Privacy Policy which also has links to Terms.

Real Estate Signs and Sign-Riders

Each sign rider is custom manufactured using a solid, bright-white, flexible plastic board (about 1.5mm thick) that goes on top of your For Sale sign, directing customers to your Single Property Site for this property.


Sign Riders are 24 or 18 inches wide, by 6 inches high. They are about 1.5mm thick (about 1/8 of an inch!)

Sign rider dimensions

You can specify HOLES top and bottom and we'll pre-drill these at no extra charge!

These are HIGH QUALITY, solid, flexible white polystyrene plastic Sign Riders - (not PVC, nor corrugated board!).

The corners of each rider are rounded and smoothed for a professional appearance.

Number of Characters

Long domain names can be accommodated. If you have a longer name the lettering will just be more compressed.

Attaching to your Real Estate Signs

You may need sign rider clips, or holes drilled to attach your sign rider to your Real Estate sign.
You may position the rider above or below depending on your FOR SALE sign frame.

Pre-drilled Holes

When you order, you can specify top and bottom holes which will be pre-drilled at no extra charge.

Sorry, but we do not supply clips, we suggest you contact your local sign company and seek these from them.

Color Choices

The design is professional set out on the rider material on both sides. We have multiple color schemes and we are happy to create new ones to meet your needs!
All the colors are high contrast so the signs are easy to read from the street.


Sign riders are carefully wrapped and packaged in a protective sleeve.

Delivery of Sign Riders

Orders are shipped within 24 hours. Delivery is usually within 4 to 5 business days.

Your Real Estate Sign Rider order will be automatically forwarded to our fulfillment center. It will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail with a tracking number, and should arrive in 4-5 business days, to arrive within 4 to 5 business days after your initial order.. all for less than $20!

sign rider delivery package

Your Sign Rider is safely delivered in sturdy packaging via USPS in about 5 business days.

Sign Rider Packaging

Sign Riders are manufactured from flexible bright white plastic with BOLD-colored laminated lettering.

Sign Rider Holes and Finish

Lettering is on both sides. Holes are pre-drilled to order, both top and bottom, as required.

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