Free-View Listing System Converts Leads to Listings - for Free!

Impress Sellers before you even meet them with SPS Free-View™.

Create a unique, showcase single property website for your sellers property and send it to them BEFORE your listing presentation, ... perhaps before you even meet them!

See what you could create in about 15 minutes.

It's Easy to Market Listings with SPS Property Marketing

Promote your use of this tool to Sellers inside your main web site!

Use an advert like this one to clearly show your clients that your marketing approach is different!

Let the seller know that you can also promote the neighborhood (schools, parks, shopping, etc.) with lots of links inside your Listing web site, and discuss which images and panoramic pictures would best promote the sellers' home and neighborhood.

  • Use Free-View to send a special link your client so they can view the Property Website
  • Keep in touch and showcase your services!
  • Use our PDF brochure in your listing presentations to win the listing (available in the HELP section when you are logged in)
  • Each home presentation you create is given a unique web address (URL) which is equal to the home or street or property address- allowing buyers to find and view the home presentation directly. No lengthy searching or browsing is necessary.
  • Homebuyers, particularly young ones, are now more likely to get information from mobile apps and websites than yard signs - so exploit this fact and make sure you have a property website with the street-address-domain-name of your website displayed on it!

Promote your listing services using a banner-ad like the one shown here that links to your own website, links to the listing flyer (shown below), or even one of your property websites.

Let me showcase your home

What You Get for Free

  • Create showcase property sites for your client
  • PDF flyers listing ready to use for you to hand to your client
  • Free-View system
  • Free Listing Presentation - just down load and use as you need
  • Video tutorials and training materials all included!

Advertise your new single property site website address everywhere!

  • In your printed advertising
  • On home flyers
  • On riders for your signs
  • From your own web site or your brokers web site
  • Use your Single Property Site in listing presentations to sellers
  • Win More Listings - use SPS to demonstrate how you will promote a sellers' home.
  • By showing the seller the Single Property Website you can create for their home before the listing presentation!

To Use Free-View:

  1. Create your account for free, and then follow our Site Builder Wizard to set up your listing in a few minutes. No technical knowledge is needed!
    Our Property Website Wizard guides you through each step and you can preview and change anything at any time.
  2. Once your listing site is created, use Free-View to send your prospective client an email with a special link that allows them to view the single property site you created.
    The Free-View will last 7 days. You can renew the Free-View as many times as you like.
  3. Free-View tools include a free Listing Presentation and Listing Flyer, that you can download and use with your client!

How It Works

  • SPS Free-View™ allows you to send a special link via EMAIL to a client so that they can be impressed even before your presentation - even before they meet you!
  • Only when you win the listing and you are 100% happy with SPS will you want to publish your sites.
  • When you start a plan, pick a level you need now. You can always change the plan or cancel at anytime.
Listing Flyer for Seller

Never Lose a Listing

The Free-View service from Single Property Sites should be one of your main tools in your Listing Presentation toolbox. Not only is it entirely free - but its a great way for you to differentiate your services and to really impress sellers.

You should use Free-View to impress Sellers before you even meet them.

Put your sellers Home front-and-center in your marketing plan and show sellers you are different!

More Referrals

Inquisitive Neighbors will be the first to see your Single Property Site!

We all know where the first batch of listing brochures goes - they get collected by neighbors wanting to know all about the home being sold in their neighborhood!

They will see the fabulous job you have done for this property and they are sure to want a similar level of high value add service when it comes to listing their home! With your name and contact details as part of the web site, everyone in the neighborhood now becomes a potential client.

Use these banners

Use the graphics below in your own marketing to clearly show your clients that your approach is different. These graphics help you to clearly convey the marketing difference you bring to the seller.

Let me showcase your home
Let me showcase your home

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