Enhanced Lead Capture

An Extension (e.g. 1000) is assigned to each of your listings, which can then be used by Buyers in several ways, for convenient and instant access to property information

Each property has it's own extension number.

  • Re-assignable extensions
  • Access recorded property information by phone
  • Access property details using SMS text inquiry
  • Unlimited 1-800 call-capture
  • Unlimited calls and SMS messages
  • ..and Click-To-Call call-capture on every listing
Real Estate SMS TEXT flyer Marketing

Lead Capture

The details of all calls and SMS inquiries are captured. You will be sent an immediate alert with the caller's phone details and a summary of activity, so you can quickly follow up on all leads.

1-800 Hotline

Buyers can call the 1-800 number and listen to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system u to hear recorded messages from you about the property.

IVR Call capture

Try It Out! Call 877 533 0212
and enter property code 1000.

Call from your mobile phone to also get the SMS property details message.

SMS Text Responder

Buyers can send a SMS text to get an immediate SMS TEXT property flyer with property details, a link to the mobile property website and your contact details.

This can be presented as a call-to-action message on a sign rider (for example), or can be built in to a QR Code.

SMS property information

SPS SMS Text Responder Service is a 100% opt-in service. Please see our Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy and Anti-Spam Policy to learn about our position on SPAM and the privacy of your data. There are no premium charges for texting into the SPS SMS Text Responder Service to receive the info message, however, Msg&Data rates may apply.

Click To Call - Capture Leads and Increase Sales

A click-to-call interactive button will be added to all your property websites, and Buyers can use the Click-to-Call to call you.

Click-To-Call is automatically added to all your LIVE sites as part of the Enhanced Lead Capture feature. There's nothing else for you to do!

Click to call

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