Real Estate Widgets for your Web Site

Use Widgets to dynamically display your listings on other sites!

Think about all that data you now have in your Single Property Site account - "for sale", "SOLDs", "rentals" and more..!

Wouldn't it be great to re-use that on other websites, just add a simple line of code and show, for example, all your SOLDs?

Well that's what the WIDGETS do!

A widget is a chunk of code than you can easily cut and paste and drop onto any web page to add additional features or functionality to your web site. Using widgets, you can easily decorate your own website or blog.

SPS Real Estate Widgets are a FREE extra service to your SPS account. Configure your listing widget, then add the single line of code we give you, to your site, to present your listing data time and again on multiple sites. All the information is automatically pulled from your Single Property Sites account every time the page is loaded - so its all 100% automatic!

Here's some examples of two listing widgets below. Each has many configuration options, for example to show just SOLDS etc.

Map Widget!

Scrolling List Widget

A gallery view of Properties - this stretches to fit your page!

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