Marketing to FSBO - Example

Work collaboratively with the FSBO to help them market their home.

  • Use SPS Property Marketing to build relationships with FSBOs
  • You become the main choice when they decide to use a professional
  • You receive all the Buyer leads generated from marketing the FSBO property.

Ok, so Priscilla Edwards is a local Real Estate Agent and she knows Mr. George Washington is a local resident who decided to do a For Sale by Owner (FSBO). She wants to create a business relationship with Mr. Washington to let him know about her services. But she will do this by offering genuine help and assistance by providing him with a Single Property Site to help him market his home.

First, Priscilla takes some photos of the house and then returns to her office.

She logs in to her SPS Property Marketing account and rapidly creates a new website for this FSBO property.

Once created, she uses the FSBO Options to correctly present it as a FSBO.

The site looks as if SHE created it - it does not refer to us.

Also, all her branding and mention of her brokerage have been removed.

Now armed with a genuine offer of help, she knocks on the door of the FSBO and offers him her marketing assistance in the form of a Property Website for his property - complimentary of course!

Priscilla explains to Mr. Washington how a sign rider with their Street Address domain name displayed on it will help connect buyers to his property details online.
(Of course, she could charge for this service.)

Mr. Washington welcomed the offer of assistance, so Priscilla used the Free-View option in her Single Property Sites account to send him a preview link to the draft offline site she had created, which allows Mr. Washington to preview her handiwork so far.

Now that he has agreed and accepted her offer of help, this is giving Priscilla many opportunities to meet him again and take photos of the interior to complete the set up of his property website.

Mr. Washington is calling and emailing Priscilla every few days with new details for his home's web site.

He is learning to like and trust her marketing skills, so much so that he provides her with some great photos that she can use.

Priscilla updates the FSBO's Property Site and publishes it.

The property website is now live and he feels great about the support and help Priscilla has given him.

She established her credibility and built a relationship with Mr. Washington in a non-threatening way.

When he decides to sell using a professional, Priscilla will have positioned herself as the natural choice.

See the SPS FSBO Site she built here:

All buyer leads and inquiries will be copied to Priscilla!

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